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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

          We have developed these FAQs and we keep adding to them as more things are identified.  Should you have still have a question that is not answered below call us at 267-714-8448

If you’re planning an event on a weekend between the months of May and September, we recommend making your reservation with BuxMont Bouncers as soon as possible. These are extremely popular times for rentals, and we typically book up fast. By reserving your bouncers early, you can ensure that you get the equipment you need for your event. If you’re unable to book online, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 267-714-8448 to check availability and make your reservation over the phone. Our team is always here to help you with all of your event planning needs!

Booking with BuxMont Bouncers is simple and easy! You can either call us at 267-714-8448 or use our BOOK NOW system to get a quick quote and place your reservation. After selecting your units, you’ll receive a rental agreement contract via email. Simply e-sign the contract and submit your $50 deposit to secure your reservation. We accept all major credit cards and checks for your convenience. Contact us today to book your event!

Sure, we can help you with last-minute bookings! However, please note that all rentals are subject to bouncer availability and delivery time. If you need to book a bouncer at the last minute, please give us a call at 267-714-8448 to check availability and schedule delivery. Our team will do everything we can to make sure you have the equipment you need for your event.

Bouncers can be a safe and fun addition to any event, as long as they are properly cared for and all safety rules are followed. At BuxMont Bouncers, we always prioritize safety and cleanliness, and we ensure that all of our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to the highest standards.

Bouncers can be set up in both public places, like parks, or private settings such as a backyard. To ensure safe operation and meet PA State Amusement Ride Regulation standards, the unit must be placed on flat, non-sloping ground. An open, grassy area measuring approximately 18′ x 18′ is the ideal setup spot. We can also accommodate setups on asphalt, concrete, or dirt with advance notification during reservation and possible additional fees. Additionally, the location must be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet or it will require a portable generator.

Bouncers can be set up indoors, but require a lot of open space. You’ll need a completely open area of approximately 20′ x 20′ with a ceiling clearance of at least 16′. Gymnasiums that can be rented from local community or municipality organizations are usually the best places for indoor rentals.

Yes. We deliver, set up, and take down the bouncer at no extra cost to you in most of our delivery area. The process is designed to be completely hassle-free!

We ask for a 45-60 minute set up window, but actual set up time for our bouncers is usually only 30-45 minutes. We also conduct a full safety inspection during the remaining 15 minutes of the set up time and give a quick tutorial on safety rules with the renter to ensure a fun and safe experience for all.

​At BuxMont Bouncers, we guarantee that you’ll have your bouncer in time for your party and for at least 4 hours after the party start time, even though most rentals are for at least 8 hours. Please note that due to our busy delivery schedule, we start dropping off equipment from 7:30 am onwards, and pickups can take place as late as 8:00 pm.

We understand that some events may require a shorter rental period, and we are happy to work with you to accommodate your needs as best we can. However, please note that our rental rates are based on an 8-hour rental period. If your event is taking place in a public space, or if you’re organizing a school, fundraiser, fair, or business event and need a specific pick-up time that’s shorter than 8 hours, please let us know at the time of reservation. We will do our best to coordinate a specific pick-up time with you, but please note that additional fees may apply for specific drop-off and pick-up times.

Bouncers can support both children and adults and are regulated by a max weight capacity. Generally speaking, here is an outline to give you an idea:

13×13 Bouncer Occupancy Limits:

  • 8 – Kids 8 & Under
  • 5-6 – Kids 9-12
  • 4 – Teens
  • 3 – Adults

15×15 Bouncer Occupancy Limits:

  • 10 – Kids 8 & Under
  • 6-8 – Kids 9-12
  • 5 – Teens
  • 4 – Adults

Please keep in mind that weight capacity may vary slightly depending on the specific bouncer model. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 267-714-8448.

Deliveries may be made the day before or up to 1 hour prior to your event starting.  Approximately 2 days prior to your scheduled delivery date we will call the number of file with a specific time frame of our arrival with a 2 hour window. We do offer flexible scheduling as well for early parties. We guarantee that your bouncer will be there before your party starts for all reservations made the night before your delivery! If your reservation is made within 3 days from the delivery date we will make every attempt to delivery your bouncer before your party but can not guarantee this for parties that start prior to 2pm. Contact us if you have any questions.

No, there’s no need for anyone to be present for the setup of the bouncer. You can simply mark the spot where you want the bouncer to be placed with a chair or another item. However, power must be available for us to set up and inspect the bouncer. Since you have access to the safety video with the rules, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about operating the bouncer. As for pick up, no one needs to be home as long as we have open access to disconnect from the electrical outlet.

A responsible adult, who preferably received the 5-minute safety tutorial, must be assigned to the unit to oversee its use. This person should be aware of all the rules and will be responsible for explaining those rules to the children using it, as well as enforcing them. The renter, who signs for the unit, is responsible for the safety of the children using the unit and the care of the equipment.

A $50 deposit is required to reserve your bouncer and can be paid via credit card or check. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable unless the cancellation is due to inclement weather, and the weather cancelation must be agreed upon based on your zip code and various weather apps. The credit card on file will be charged for the final payment unless other arrangements have been expressly stated during the reservation or at the time of delivery confirmation calls. Payment arrangements for the day of the event can be made with cash, personal check with photo ID, or credit card on file. Please be aware that credit card payments will be charged the Wednesday before the weekend rental.

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