BuxMont Bouncers, LLC

The BuxMont Bouncers Difference

We at BuxMont Bouncers know you have a lot of choices when it comes to bouncer rentals. So why choose us? At BuxMont Bouncers we choose to differentiate ourselves from our competition through our principles pledging the following 6 things:


Safety is our #1 priority – We will always adhere to all state and safety organization regulations with every set up we do!  Never worry about your bouncers safety again!

100% satisfaction guarantee – We pride ourselves in our service and we stand behind our claim.  We are proud to be the only bouncer rental company willing to guarantee that if we don’t live up to your expectations we will refund a portion of your bouncer costs.  

Completely upfront pricing – We don’t hide our prices or force you to call us to find out how much something costs.  We will always list all of our prices for every item we offer right here and easily accessible anytime on our website.  

Delivery times – We’re not the cable company!  We don’t just take your reservation and tell you it will be there the day of your party like some of our competitors do.  When you book with BuxMont Bouncers we offer you the peace of mind knowing that you will have a delivery the night before or the morning of your event.  We’ll even narrow that window down to within an 2 hours once we have routes completed!  

Wide variety of items to pick from – BuxMont Bouncers carries a huge inventory so we can make sure we always have exactly what you’re looking for!
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